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Social inclusion support

RDA-South West is providing financial support to enable children from struggling families to participate in organised sport.

Support could take the form of paying club fees or purchasing necessary equipment to a predetermined maximum limit. No payments will be made directly to applicants or their families.

It is expected that applicants will work through their local government body in the first instance and will apply to access State Government KidSport funding.

The RDA-SW program is not linked to KidSport, but will act as a safety net for anyone who does not qualify for that program's club fees payments. RDA-SW may support equipment purchases for young people regardless of whether or not they have accessed KidSport or other programs. Clearly, RDA-SW will not allow "double dipping".

Decisions on applications will be final.

Participating sports shops

  • Bunbury SportFirst
  • Bunbury Sportsmarine
  • Busselton SportFirst
  • Busselton SportsPower
  • Collie SportFirst
  • Manjimup SportsPower

Contact for sports shops: Charles Jenkinson 9721-111 or 04 34 64 11 11 

 Application form (44kb)